About  Ben Hollis, Creator of RENT-A-FRIEND

About 8 months before Ben Hollis first set foot at WTTW-Chicago to begin his Emmy Award winning TV career (Wild Chicago, Ben Loves Chicago, et al) he had another idea. 

Why not sit in front of a studio camera and really connect with the viewer?  Talk to him or her as you would one of your dearest ol' buddies.  Share stories, ask questions and listen.  All in a truly sincere, yet playful way. 

And RENT-A-FRIEND was born. 

Originally released in December 1986, RENT-A-FRIEND created a media buzz worldwide, appearing on Oprah, David Letterman, CNN, People Magazine and every major newspaper coast to coast. It's the perfect oddball gift, not to mention a piece of American media history.

From the DVD cover:

Spend 42 minutes with your devoted video friend, "Sam," who listens to your every word, asks you all about yourself, even hangs up the phone because he'd rather listen to you!
On this Reagan-era masterpiece of 1986-style “interactivity” you’ll:

Play “Blockhead” with Sam
Share your most embarrassing stories
Cry over Sam’s dysfunctional childhood
Find out why Oprah declared this amazing tape “Unbelievable!”

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